Rheanna’s Biography

I’ve been teaching since I was fourteen years old and got an after-school job tutoring a grade school student with learning differences, a job I continued for the next three years. In high school, I was a peer tutor, helping other students with English and history, and I was also clarinet section leader, in charge of teaching forty clarinet players in the marching band. My teaching experience continued at Harvard with an after-school tutoring organization, and after I graduated in 2002, I worked part-time tutoring ESL students in writing in English, a job I continued for seven years. In 2006, I expanded into test prep, helping high school students who had recently moved to the U.S. prepare for the SAT.

My first full-time work after graduating was even more challenging: I was hired as a story editor at Everyman Pictures, based at 20th Century Fox and then at Universal Pictures. I worked on films like “Meet the Fockers,” “Borat,” “50 First Dates,” and “Charlie Bartlett,” helping to find writers, revise and edit script drafts, and complete research. Five years of work in the film industry taught me how to shape a story, give constructive suggestions and feedback, and help writers sharpen the integrity of their voices.

After leaving LA, I lived and worked at San Francisco Zen Center for nearly three years, managing the kitchen and completing an apprenticeship in the Green Gulch Bread Bakery. I applied my years of teaching experience to helping Zen Center guests and residents learn to cook, a demanding but ultimately rewarding job. I moved to San Francisco in 2012, at age 30, and became a full-time tutor, finding my calling through helping students succeed in many different areas.


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